How to receive electric service

There are three ways to sign up for electric service with West Ky Rural Electric Cooperative - online, by phone and in person at a WKRECC office. Please keep in mind that WKRECC connects and disconnects services Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. 

Residential WKRECC members have a choice of two ways to pay, prepaid or post-paid. 

  • Post-paid is the traditional way to pay for power. 

- Residential or commercial members use electricity one month, and then pay for the amount they used the following month. 

- These members may be required to pay a deposit up front. 

- If the electricity is turned off due to non-payment, reconnect fees are required before service will be reconnected and additional deposits may result. 

- Members may set up new service online for post-paid service at the link below, or call 877.495.7322

If there is not a meter at this location, click the Connect New Construction link below. 

  • Our pre-pay program is a pay-as-you-go plan that offers members a way to pay for electricity when they want, in the amount they want. It works just like buying gas for your car -- you fill up your electricity tank, monitor your usage and add more kilowatt-hours whenever you wish. If the funds on the account are depleted, the electricity is turned off. 

- The member puts more money on the account (enough to bring the balance to at least $35 above zero) plus a $15 reconnect fee to get it turned back on. 

- Prepaid members also get the added benefit of not having to pay a deposit. 

- To set up a prepaid account, please go to the form listed below.