Board Member Election Process

West Kentucky RECC is governed by a board of directors consisting of 10 board members that are elected by the voting members of the Cooperative. The Cooperative’s service territory is divided into four districts to ensure that all geographical service areas of the Cooperative have fair and reasonable representation on the board. The four districts are District 1 – Calloway County, District 2 – Carlisle and Hickman Counties, District 3 – Graves County and District 4 – Marshall County. The board consists of 3 board members who reside in Districts 1, 3 and 4, and 1 board member from District 2.
The Cooperative’s bylaws set forth the general powers, qualifications, tenure, meeting requirements and other details pertaining to board member representation and responsibilities.
Following is a summary of the annual board member election process:
165 days or more before the Cooperative’s annual meeting of the members – the Board declares upcoming vacancies that will be filled at the Cooperative’s annual meeting on the second Saturday of July.
90 days to 165 days before the Cooperative’s annual meeting of the members – a Nominating Committee is named consisting of not less than 5 voting members nor more than 11 voting members of the Cooperative.
75 days or more before the Cooperative’s annual meeting of the members – the Nominating Committee meets and names one qualified candidate to be placed on the ballot by district to fill the declared vacancies and prepares and posts a list of nominations for directors at the principal office of the Cooperative and on the Cooperative’s website.
50 days or more before the Cooperative’s annual meeting of the members – members not nominated by the Nominating Committee who desire to be a candidate for one of the vacant positions can submit a petition signed by at least 15 members of the Cooperative to be added to the ballot for their district.
Annual Meeting of the Members – members vote, based on the district in which they reside, on the board vacancy in their district during registration for the Cooperative’s annual meeting. Candidates elected will be announced during the Cooperative’s annual meeting business session that is held at 2:00 pm on the second Saturday in July.
Board members elected serve a 4-year term.
Any member who is placed on the ballot as a candidate to serve as a director shall comply with the Cooperative’s “Board Election Rules and Procedures” and the Cooperative’s “Board Election Campaign Policy."
Any member who is interested in running for the Cooperative’s board should contact the office of the President & CEO for additional information.

Board Election Campaign Policy

Rules & Procedures