At WKRECC, the safety of our members and employees is our top priority.

Our employees regularly do safety demonstrations for businesses and organizations in our service area. If you would like to schedule a safety demonstration for your organization, please call Georgann Lookofsky at 270-247-1321.

Here are some tips to help keep you and your family safe around your electrical power:

  • Call West Kentucky RECC immediately if you see an electrical hazard. Our phones are answered 24 hours a day.
  • If you see a downed power line on your property or someone else’s, please stay as far away from the area as possible, even if you think the line may not be energized. Call WKRECC immediately and we will send an emergency crew to your location right away. If the power line is down in your yard or near your home, keep your family inside the home until our crew responds. If you believe that a transformer or line is on fire or is sparking and may cause a fire, please call your local fire department to the area.
  • Keep all objects (ladders, farm equipment) at least 10 feet away from power lines.
  • Plant trees at least 30 feet away from power lines so the tree won't eventually interfere with the line.
  • Do not attempt to remove items (fallen limbs, kites) from power lines. Instead, call WKRECC immediately and we will send a crew to your location.
  • Never attempt to move or raise electrical lines. If you see a line that is low or looks in need of repair, please call WKRECC and we will send a crew to fix the problem.
  • Be aware of power line locations when moving farm equipment. Plan your travel route so that you come in contact with power lines only when necessary.
  • If you plan to dig in your area, be aware of any underground electrical lines that may be present. If you believe that a line may be near where you plan to dig, please call WKRECC and we will send an engineer to locate and mark the line for you before you dig.
  • Read and follow all safety instructions that come with appliances you purchase and use.
  • Install and repair electrical outlets and appliances using precautions and safety measures, including shutting off power (and test to be sure power is off), safety equipment and tools and /or hiring a licensed electrician for the job.