Budget Billing

To participate in the BUDGET BILLING PROGRAM the following conditions apply and/or must be met:

  • Your residential account must have been established prior to March 2022.
  •  Your monthly amount is determined by averaging your actual usage. 
  • Your monthly budget billing amount will appear on your bill due in JUNE 2023.
  • Your account must not be past due when you apply.
  •  Please pay the budget amount specified. Please refrain from making partial payments. 
  • The Budget Billing amount is due by the due date, not the 10-day grace period date. If payment is not paid by the due date, the account will be removed from the Budget Billing Program. Budget Billing is a special payment arrangement, and no further arrangements shall be made.

By signing below and returning this form to WKRECC, I agree to participate in the Budget Billing Program. I understand that either I or WKRECC can cancel my participation at any given time of a billing month. Any balance at the end of the budget billing year will be applied as credit or WILL BE DUE on the May 2024 bill. My participation will be subject to the Schedule of Rules and Regulations and standard service policies of WKRECC.

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