Home Uplift Program

WKRECC’s Home Uplift Program provides upgrades to help ease the energy burden and improve the overall comfort, safety, and health of a qualifying home. Home Uplift is offered through a partnership between West Kentucky RECC and our power provider, Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). Based on the specific needs of each home, Home Uplift can update HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) units, add attic insulation, seal ducts and air leaks, install energy efficient water heaters and/or other needed clean air and efficiency improvements. Generally, after Home Uplift, members’ electric bills drop and their quality of life improves.

Between now and October 2021, West Kentucky RECC will accept about 13 homes for Uplift improvements, depending on specific costs. Members who qualify (see application for details) are encouraged to apply. TVA, through their partnership with CLEAResult, manages the application and qualification process, as well as the contractor network and home audits. For additional information, call 1-877-495-7322.