Outage FAQs

Should I always call to report an outage or does WKRECC already know about outages?

After you have checked your fuses or circuit breakers and determined that the problem does not originate from your home, please call WKRECC to report your outage. Usually we are aware of outages as they happen but your call could be an important alert for our system.

If I have a power outage, how quickly can I expect that it will be resolved?

We have dispatchers and crews working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help solve your outage as quickly as possible. Several factors may affect the time you have to wait for us to restore your power. Among them are time of day, weather conditions, and the extent of the outage, however, our goal is always to resolve your outage as quickly as possible.

What information will I need in order to report my outage?

Please be prepared to provide the name on your account, the phone number on the account, the street address of the outage and the nature of your outage. It is also helpful to note if you have seen any abnormal activity (blinking lights, transformer sparks or limbs on the line).

My call was answered by an automated system. Is my outage reported the same?

This automated answering system is an important part of our outage system and it will document and report your outage immediately. We realize it can be frustrating to interact with an automated system, but please listen carefully to the recorded message and provide the requested information. We treat every outage report with care and urgency and appreciate your efforts.

If I see someone working on a line near my home, does that mean that my power is off or will be going off?

West Kentucky RECC does constant maintenance and review of our electric distribution infrastructure. In some cases, our line crew cuts power to a line in order to repair or maintain it, but it is not always necessary to do so.

If I see someone working on the line, how can I be sure that they are a Co-op employee and not tampering?

It is important to look out for power theft and tampering of our infrastructure. WKRECC crews will always be in marked vehicles and will wear shirts with the WKRECC logo. WKRECC does utilize outside companies for some services, including meter reading and right-of-way clearing. If you see someone working on our infrastructure and you suspect that they may be doing so without authorization, please call our offices and report the problem to our member services department.

What should I do if my outdoor/security light goes out?

It is your responsibility to monitor the life of your outdoor/security light and to notify our member services department immediately if it goes out. Once your outage has been reported, our crew will fix the light as soon as possible.