West Kentucky Rural Electric Cooperative offers pet safety tips

 Pets have become important members of our household, but it can be easy to brush over safety concerns when it comes to pets and electricity. West Kentucky Rural Electric Cooperative Corporation reminds pet owners how important it is to pet-proof your home to help avoid an electricity-related accident.

Here are some tips to protect your pets from electrical hazards:

  • • Small mammals and birds have a habit of gnawing on things, which might include exposed electrical cords. Try to block access to these cords by strategically placing your furniture so pets can’t reach them.
  • Electrical shock is not the only issue with wires. If you have multiple cables close to each other, your pet might get tangled up and injured.
  • Consider covering exposed cords with corrugated wire loom tubing or plastic spiral wrap, available from many office supply stores and online stores. To protect cords from persistent pets, PVC piping is a sturdier option, but is also less flexible.
  • Mount wire channels along the wall to provide a protected path for cords. These metal or plastic conduits are commonly used to add electrical outlets to the outer surface of solid walls, so many styles are available at home improvement stores.
  • Purchase a pet deterrent spray from a pet shop and coat your electrical cords to discourage chewing. Another great way to deter them is to give your pets toys to play with.
  • You can train your pet to stay away from wires with persistence, patience and lots of positive reinforcement.
  • When you are away from home for long periods, crating your pet may be a safer choice.

If your pet gets shocked, visit a veterinarian immediately. Electrical shocks can be life-threatening and should be treated as emergencies. Some symptoms aren’t easy to detect just by looking at your pet.

If you have questions about pet electrical safety, reach out to West Kentucky RECC for more advice and information.