Paying online? Watch out for imposters!

December 15, 2016 - When you pay online, make sure you use West Kentucky Rural Electric’s official website. There are third-party websites out there that collect utility payments. Don’t be fooled! They may use our logo, but they are NOT affiliated with WKRECC.

These sites will mail a check on your behalf, but it could take as much as 10 days to reach us, and could make your payment late.

To be sure you are in the right place, go to the address bar on your browser and type in rather than using a general web search. When you click on the bill pay link, watch for the security lock in the address bar, followed by and/or They are both affiliated with WKRECC and help us provide secure payment services.

All WKRECC credit/debit card payments are charged a 1.5% credit card fee, but there are no other fees associated with the transaction.

Your account balance will be clearly displayed on the WKRECC payment site. If the site is asking you to provide the account balance, it’s not

Your payment will be made instantly, with no delay. If the site says the payment will take several days, it is not Questions? Call us at 270-247-1321.