Cold weather triggers spike in local energy use

A harsh winter is driving energy usage up for West Kentucky Rural Electric Cooperative members. Higher usage means members will see higher bills in the weeks ahead.

We’re not alone—the Kentucky Association of Electric Cooperatives reports that electric cooperatives across Kentucky are seeing double-digit increases in energy use compared to this same period one year ago.

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TVA and WKRECC Team Working to Keep Consumers Warm

Cold temperatures across the area are placing additional demands on the power system, and West Kentucky Rural Electric Cooperative team members are working hard to ensure you remain safe and warm.

Until the temperature moderates on Thursday afternoon, January 18, residents can help reduce their future power bills – and help ensure continued reliable power for their neighbors – by taking a few simple actions:

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Cold weather drives energy usage up, leads to higher power bills

January 15, 2017 -- Our region is dealing with unusually cold weather this winter and that increases energy usage and leads to higher bills. West Kentucky Rural Electric Cooperative is definitely seeing an uptick in both usage and energy costs for our members. It’s not too late to take steps to reduce your energy use and save on future bills.

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What's up with my Heat Pump?

Heat pumps work great in our normally mild winter climate, but when the weather turns super cold, heat pump users may get a higher electric bill.

If you have a super-efficient heat pump, you may notice an increase in your electricity bill. During colder-than-normal weather, your heat pump, which is usually really good at pulling heat from the outside air, needs a little help from its backup heat unit to keep your home warm. Unfortunately, this isn’t very efficient and costs more to operate.

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What does it really cost to power merry & bright?

The beautiful glow of twinkling lights around your home this Christmas can lead to ugly power bills next month, especially if you hang energy-hogging incandescent lights. While the lights themselves may be cheap, the electricity to operate them is not. Check out these numbers and make the lower-cost choice to avoid a high bill surprise.

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