Co-Op FAQs

What are the benefits to being a Cooperative member?

There are many benefits to your Cooperative membership. First, your membership means that you have an active role in making decisions about your utility. Also, your Cooperative is owned by you and your neighbors and is located in the service area we cover. Staffed and managed by people from your communities, you can trust your Cooperative to always have your best interest in mind. Also, as a member-owner, you are protected by a nationally recognized Electric Consumers Bill of Rights.

Who owns the Cooperative?

West Kentucky Rural Electric, like many electric cooperatives, is owned by our members. Members contribute equitably to the capital of our Cooperative. The membership is represented by a Board of Directors, elected each year during the Annual Meeting of Members. West Kentucky Rural Electric is voluntary and open to all persons who are able to use our services within our service area.

Who manages the Cooperative?

Daily operations for the Cooperative are carried out by a staff of 92 employees under management by the President & CEO David Smart. Oversight is provided by a Board of Directors, elected by the membership and representative of each of the Cooperative's four districts.

How do I know if I am in the West Kentucky Rural Electric service area?

If you are purchasing a home, the original homeowners may be able to tell you what service area you belong to. If your home is new or if you are relocating a mobile home, you can call the WKRECC offices and we can help determine your location.

Where does our power come from?

West Kentucky Rural Electric purchases our power from the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) and distributes it to your homes, farms and businesses through a network of more than 4,000 miles of power lines.

How do I apply for a job with West Kentucky Rural Electric?

When jobs become available at WKRECC, we will generally advertise the position in local newspapers, on our website and in appropriate industry publications and websites. Each posting will include application procedures. Resumes will be accepted as soon as the position is listed and, once the resumes have been analyzed, we will contact those individuals who we feel are best qualified to complete the interview process.

It is important to note that WKRECC does mandatory drug testing for pre-employment as well as random drug testing with our employees.

Our Human Resources Coordinator does not accept unsolicited resumes.

How do I apply for a job to be a meter reader?

WKRECC contracts our meter reading services through a company called Tru Check. If you would like to work with Tru Check, you may pick up an application at the WKRECC office or the Tru Check office located next to the Cooperative's Mayfield office.

Does WKRECC sponsor any charities in the community?

It is very important to our Cooperative that we support the communities we serve. If your civic organization is interested in having WKRECC as a sponsor, please contact our Communications Office at 270-247-1321.

What are your company's policies on privacy and non-discrimination?

It is important to us that you are aware of our policies regarding these two important subjects. Please click here and here to review our policies in their entirety. If you have any questions about these policies, please contactHuman Resources at 270-247-1321.