Business Back to Normal -- Card Fees Return

After months of adjustments to keep our members and employees safe, WKRECC’s offices are fully open and business transactions are back to normal. That means a return to credit card convenience fees, which have been on hold as part of WKRECC’s pandemic response plan. 

WKRECC also recently upgraded our online business program to improve service for our members. As a result, the fee schedule for payments has changed.

Starting August 1, 2022, the following convenience fees and surcharges will apply for credit card payments:

· Business office, credit card: 2.45% surcharge per payment

· Payment kiosk, credit card: 2.45% per payment

· Online and phone, credit card:

            - Residential: $2.65 per payment

            - Prepay: $1.50 per payment

            - Commercial: $4.95 per payment

Avoid fees by using free automatic bank draft, mailing a check, paying by check or cash at any business office or pay by cash or check using the night deposit box.